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Welcome to CAPCOfacts.com

This site provides you with background information about Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) programs around the country, including the DC CAPCO program, highlights several CAPCO investment success stories, and offers the latest statistics on job creation and follow-on capital attributed to CAPCO investments state-by-state.

  • Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) programs are economic development programs intended to increase the flow of capital to local businesses and help develop venture capital infrastructures in underserved areas.

  • The goal of CAPCO programs is to strengthen local economies by:
    • Stimulating the flow of capital to early-stage businesses that are unable to access traditional financing;
    • Building venture capital infrastructure;
    • Creating high-paying jobs; and
    • Increasing  tax revenues.

  • Nearly 20% of states across the country have chosen to use CAPCO programs as an effective economic development tool to encourage the growth of businesses in their jurisdictions. To date, CAPCO programs have been enacted and/or renewed a total of 28 times.

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